“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.” —Martin Buber

Meet the Urgent Wisdom Community

The best part about being a writer is learning from others - wise people with hits of wisdom to share.

When my mother was deep into her experience with dementia, she became my teacher and the first person whose words of wisdom I recorded on video. And then I kept going. Laughing, crying, and learning...and never feeling alone or lost. Meet some of the people who’ve touched my heart and soul. Who've inspired my writing. Longer versions of their stories are featured in the videos below.

The conversation continues...

We're all "experts" at telling our own truths. Wisdom is available to us anytime, in every conversation; we just need to open our eyes, hearts, and minds to call it all in. 

So I'm constantly talking to people who have stories to share and guidance to offer. 
We all need that wisdom now more than ever.

This page will be expanding in the future, as learning from others is a never-ending conversation. If you have something to contribute, or know someone else with hits of wisdom to share, email Priscilla@PriscillaWarnerBooks.com and we can keep the conversation going...


Karen's Bucket List // 5.15.20
Vincent's Bread Therapy // 5.15.20
Lora Darkness & Light // 5.15.20

Who needs a bucket list if you're living life mindfully? My friend Karen is doing just that.

Vincent is a Canadian doctor whose friends heal each other by baking bread together.

How can we move through difficult times with grace and gratitude? My yoga teacher Lora explains...

Beth Trauma & Nirvana // 5.15.20
Kyle and Compassion // 5.15.20
Chris Joy in the Moment // 5.15.20

Beth is a charter school principal in LA who can teach us all how trauma is part of life.

What does it mean to be "genuinely intrigued" by people? Kyle redefines "compassion."

My mother's dementia nurse Chris shares what Riva taught her about living in the moment.

Riva's Vivid Lessons // 5.15.20
Kathy on Joy and Suffering // 5.15.20
Beth Knows How to Laugh // 5.15.20

During my mother's struggle with Alzheimer's, our conversations became more vivid and precious.

What can dark times teach us about joy? Kathy shared lessons she's learned as a loving mother.

Laughter can be the very best medicine, according to Beth, who's a certified Laughter Yoga teacher.

Chaim's Ukelele Therapy // 5.15.20
Belleruth Plays Peekaboo // 5.15.20
Jane Gladdens My Heart// 5.15.20

After years of heated discussion about the Middle East, Chaim's ukulele brings us peace.

Belleruth - a therapist and guided imagery guru - explains how we can learn to live with loss.

My friend Jane drops by to talk about living every day as our best selves.

Kyle on Emotional Intelligence // 5.15.20
Karen Lives in the Light // 5.15.20
Chris Leads Us Home/ 5.15.20

Big thoughts can lead to big feelings. Kyle teaches me how to handle them with grace.

Karen lives in the light, and shares what that means with eloquence and courage.

My mother died with dignity and grace, thanks in large part to Chris, our wise guide to the other side...