What the world needs now is love

I’m not a politician. I’m not a theologian. I’m not a historian. I’m not an expert at anything… Except for what I’ve experienced directly. And here’s what I know after living in this body on this planet for almost sixty-seven years: Love is all that matters. You can call me corny. You can call me […]

How to Listen

I’ve written a million words over the last decade, and who knows how many words I’ve spoken? So it’s not easy for me to keep my mouth shut. Or my fingers from flying across a keyboard. But I’ve learned so much by doing that over the last three months. In fact, you might say that […]

Pray for the World

The first prayers I ever recited were taught me me by rabbis at the Providence Hebrew Day School, where I was a third grader. My father had sent me to this yeshiva after his own father died. Saying the Kaddish – or Jewish memorial prayer – every day for an entire year had comforted my […]

Are We All on a Meditation Retreat?

There’s a point during every meditation retreat where I think I’m going crazy. And there’s nothing to distract me from that notion. I see ghosts. People from my past jump out of the closet where I’ve tried to hide them. Memories and emotions I thought I’d banished forever resurface as well, flooding my central nervous […]

Take a Picture So That You Can Remember

My mother had a way with words. Even in the midst of her thirteen year battle with Alzheimer’s. One of my most memorable visits to her nursing home was a short one. I was in a rush to run to the bank, meet with her lawyer, and apply for a copy of her social security card […]

Call Yourself Sweetheart

I don’t hate my sagging neck. I’ve studied with too many wise Buddhist teachers to be angry at the body that’s taken me on this exciting, bewildering ride. But it’s definitely aging. It’s slowing down and aching and growing odd little barnacles all over the place. I’m drying up like a desert. Still, I try […]

My Path From Panic to Peace

When I was fifteen years old, I suffered my first panic attack, behind the grease-splattered stainless steel serving counters of the Brown University cafeteria in Providence, Rhode Island, where I was a waitress. One minute I was dishing out peas to hordes of bored young students, and then I almost died. Not really. But my heart […]


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