Every moment in life can be a meditation practice. Just click on the videos below…

Watching ocean waves as they crash onto a beach can be mesmerizing.

Staring up at a giant redwood can still your heart and mind.

Following sunlight as it flickers across a screened porch can soothe your soul.

My first meditation teacher was a young Tibetan monk who encouraged me to keep my eyes open as I tried to slow down my breath. To see the world the way a child does - with soft eyes and an awareness that doesn’t include judgment.

I started making these videos a decade ago, when I began meditating. Even Grand Central station at rush hour used to provide me with an opportunity to pause and take note of the moment. I still record snippets of rhythmic movement as a way of settling my mind.

And I hope these videos will inspire you to pick up your phone, open your eyes, and transform the world around you into a meditation practice. Please share the beauty you find with me at and on social media with the hashtag #BreathingRoom.

Kayaking Meditation // 5.31.20
Sparklers Meditation // 5.31.20
Beach Toys Meditation // 5.31.20
Cherry Blossoms Meditation // 5.31.20
Dogwatch Meditation // 5.31.20
Oregon Meditation // 5.31.20
Brown Cows Meditation // 5.31.20
Cosmos Flowers Meditation // 5.31.20
Sunset Creek Meditation // 5.31.20