“I have always considered Priscilla Warner a dear friend. But after reading her book, I realize she is also a great teacher. When I finished Priscilla’s book, a smile washed over my face and I let out a sigh. I promise you will do the same.”

Meredith Vieira

“From one who has suffered from anxiety (and who hasn’t?), catching one’s breath is imperative. Priscilla Warner opens every holistic door on her journey from panic to peace. Readers will cheer Warner as she finds some semblance of serenity. Her recipe for success makes this book prescriptive as well as entertaining—her dharma becoming her karma.”

Joan Anderson

Author of Year By The Sea.

“Learning to Breathe is an exquisite, funny, life-changing approach to anxiety and panic. I highly recommend this book.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Ob/gyn physician and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

“Wise, searching, fearless, and big-hearted, Priscilla Warner’s search for inner peace will resonate with anyone who has ever been anxious or at sea—in other words, all of us. She is a comforting and stabilizing guide through her own life—and ours. This book is a gift.”

Dani Shapiro

Author of Devotion: A Memoir.

“This is a psychological thriller about family. Except it’s also very funny, and very sad, and very practical. When I wasn’t laughing, I was crying; when I wasn’t crying, I was meditating. All without being able to put the book down.”

Sarah Payne Stuart

Author of My First Cousin Once Removed -
Money, Madness and the Family of Robert Lowell.

“Priscilla Warner is a wonderful writer who’s given us a page-turner of a teaching story. We happily root for her as she tries out different tools, methods and practices to first manage and ultimately transcend her debilitating panic episodes. She’s actually rather fearless, even in her most terrified times. And thanks to her courage we learn a helluva lot about meditation, body work, psychotherapy, loving kindness, brain plasticity and the psychological and neurophysiological origins of panic. Part mystery story, part comedic hero’s journey, part state-of-the-art psychology and part public health message, this is a complex, brainy book that does a lot of heavy lifting in the synthesis department. But you’d never know it, because it’s so well written, and goes down in one sitting like some kind of tasty chick-lit snack. Learning a lot is rarely this enjoyable, and teachers rarely this appealing.”

Belleruth Naparstek

Author of Invisible Heroes and creator of the Health Journeys guided imagery series.

“The words leap off the page. Priscilla Warner’s courageous story from panic to peace brims with insights that light the path to simply living a better life.”

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

Author of The Now Effect.

“A fascinating tale of courage, perseverance, and resolve. In lucid and entertaining prose—with several laugh-out-loud moments—Warner is a travel guide for the anxious and the wounded, leading us from a life of fear and burden to a perspective of freedom and wonder. Her story is a gift to anyone determined to find peace.”

Therese Borchard

Author of Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes.