Thank you to everyone who commented during my birthday week!
“It’s great to stumble across your life,” someone said.

And I realized that because my blog is chronological, instead of organized around themes, anyone reading the last few posts might think this about me:

Priscilla struggles with panic attacks.
Priscilla doesn’t like the desert.
Priscilla’s not as enlightened as she thought she was.

All of these things about me are true – at least for the past few weeks.

But feelings come and go.

And I sound like a bit of a downer – to myself, anyway.

So I’m going to post some beautiful pictures and video over the next few days. Pictures that make me happy, that reflect the happiness I often feel, and that I hope will make readers happy.

My husband made me a beautiful book full of photos of our honeymoon 31 years ago. Here’s one of my favorites. I really do love Jimmy (and the way I looked in a bathing suit back then!)