An Early Spring: Blossom Dearie

At dinner tonight, Max proposed a toast to spring. “coming soon!” I went home and searched for Blossom online. She was one of my father’s favorites. He saw her in New York whenever he could:...

The Other Man in My Life

Even though Jimmy appreciates the progress I’ve made soothing my soul over the last six months, I’m still on my own for the most part, when it comes to meditating. And chanting. The other night, I was in need of some major Krishna Das chanting, so I closed...

Keep Me In Your Heart

This is the last song Warren Zevon recorded before he died, with his family by his side. As I move on, keeping my parents in my heart, it seemed a fitting last post for this year. [youtube=]

“I Won’t Worry My Life Away”

I’m approaching the 6 month mark in my first year of meditating, increasingly hopeful that I won’t be worrying my life away in the future. [youtube=]