Belleruth Naparstek feels like family to me (but I have a feeling thousands of people feel that way too.)

I’ve taken Belleruth’s downloads with me everywhere. I was listening to a download of Belleruth’s trauma CD at the precise moment when my mother died.

What more can I say? Belleruth gets me through any kind of day.

National PTSD Awareness Day is this Thursday June 27th, and as we focus on people’s suffering, we can also point out ways in which they are being helped. Guided imagery is a powerful tool for alleviating symptoms of PTSD, panic & anxiety. It’s also a great way to support any meditation practice. Or just to relax.

Here’s an easy way to feel what I feel when I’m listening to Belleruth’s guided imagery: Click on this link, and you can listen for free to Belleruth’s CD on relaxation and wellness: