Imaginary Holiday Dinners

After Thanksgiving, I began to imagine what other holiday dinners I might put together in the future, with people long gone and still here. And then I wrote about them for Huffington Post: Guess Who’s Coming to Holiday Dinners?

Hudson River

My book tour took me to Buffalo, New York. My train took me along the Hudson for three heavenly hours:


Meghan Davidson’s beautiful blog post on gratitude inspired me to take a walk around my neighborhood. When you move slowly, with your eyes open, you can actually see leaves drifting off trees, falling to the ground. It’s amazing what you can see when you...

Public Speaking

My book tour is in full swing, and I’m speaking in public about how anxious I’ve been all my life in private. At times this is a challenge. But when I brought my Tibetan singing bowl, chanting monks CDs, and some spicy chocolate to my latest event, I felt...