The Traveler

My wonderful editor, Leslie, recommended that I read a book called The Mind of the Traveler, which talks about the archetypes that every traveler assumes, using as one of its stories the myth of Inanna, a goddess of rebirth, who journeys to the Underworld and loses...

Putting My Book Together

I’m trying to keep my whole book in my head, and think about designing a new website as well… So I spread all of my writing out on the floor, along with my first drawing of the Buddha, added a gorgeous Amaryllis flower, and shot this...

Goodbye to Paris

We discovered a new footbridge in this old city, complete with its own soundtrack. It connects The Tuileries with the Left Bank… [wpvideo evEbeZVQ w=”600″]

Luxembourg Gardens

Three hours well spent – sitting, observing and meditating in the Luxembourg Gardens: [wpvideo TXCwtQDF w=”600″] [wpvideo AenMBJrS w=”600″]

St Chapelle

The oldest stained glass windows in Paris create a perfect meditation space: [wpvideo mUHK9MtK w=”600″]