What is My Soul’s Mission?

My “Soul Doctor,” Rabbi Jacobson, talks about the first Jewish prayer of the day, which I recite every morning. Now I really understand why I am doing it! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owMfr1qNvBw]

Graphic Hallucinations

What did I do when I got news from my mother’s nursing home that she was being treated for “graphic hallucinations?” I paused. I took a few breaths. I meditated. Then I look at some of my mother’s artwork on her website, graphic hallucinations...

Water Meditation in NYC

The River That Flows Both Ways is a spectacular art installation at the High Line Park. Each of its 700 panes of glass refers to one minute in the color of the Hudson River. Artist Spencer Finch shot photographs for 700 minutes from a tugboat on the Hudson, then...

Zen Garden in NYC

Spring is finally here. I took my friend Susie to see the High Line Park in New York. It’s like an elevated urban zen garden, truly a walking meditation. Next time I’ll bring my camera. In this video, one of the architects who worked on the renovation...

Morning Mist

My mother’s state of mind reminds me of this gorgeous photo by Matthieu Ricard, Morning Mist in in a Himalayan Valley, Nepal 2006. You can see his magnificent photos on his website.