My Journey to Jerusalem

I have spent a lot of time this month with Gina Colelli, my EMDR therapist, surprised at the painful memories that have floated to the surface both in and out of her office. I was startled when I thought of my father’s Uncle Sam for the first time in 40 years,...

Pause and Meditate with Tara and Jack

Lucky Me. I took a workshop at Omega NYC with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, two compassionate therapists and wise Buddhist teachers. Tara speaks about the sacred pause and Jack leads a meditation: Lucky you. [youtube=]...

Lighting Up My Life

I think I’m onto something. I carried my orchid all over my house, and everyday nooks and crannies became moments of meditation, illuminating things like the last birthday card my mother ever sent me, conch shells I found 40 years ago, a woodcarving from Oaxaca,...

Orchid Meditation

I carried Amy’s orchid all over my house, placing it near pictures of me and Jimmy. It functioned as a little cue, reminding me to meditate on the richness of our lives.

Amy’s Orchid

My friend Amy gave me this happy flower the other day. I put it in my water bottle and took it home with me. It became a daily meditation tool.