Paying it Forward

I brought my friend Monica to get her first Trager therapy treatment, putting her in the kind, powerful hands of Adrienne Stone, who has healed me so lovingly. Here’s Monica before and after: [wpvideo UpVorxPw] [wpvideo 16UdnyP8]

Am I a Mystic?

Hearing mysticism defined by Rabbi Jacobson, I sure hope so: [youtube=]

My Soul Doctor

I’ve spent every day for the last six weeks doing lovingkindness meditation. My husband has not. This has created an interesting dynamic! I had the good fortune to spend time with Rabbi Simon Jacobson recently. His sister Chanei made the introduction....

Ode to Martha

A huge storm swept through our town, and we didn’t lose power. But I made enough food to feed those who did, following Amy’s advice to fill half of my daily plate with fruits and vegetables. Channeling my old days as an advertising art director, I laughed...