Keep Me In Your Heart

This is the last song Warren Zevon recorded before he died, with his family by his side. As I move on, keeping my parents in my heart, it seemed a fitting last post for this year. [youtube=]

A Line in the Water

I spent the first half of this year investigating why I developed a panic disorder, delving into many relevant issues, including what my parents did or didn’t do. But at the Mikvah, submerged underwater, suspended in time for just a few moments, I let go of something...

Eternal Light

I am still feeling the effects of the mikvah – a lightness of body and spirit that I have never experienced before. I am reminded of Chanei’s words to me: “Your soul is like a flame that is in constant search. It will nag away until it finds...

Christmas Eve at the Mikvah

I spent part of Christmas Eve this year all by myself, deep in thought  at a mikvah, a Jewish woman’s ritual bath, where I immersed myself in water and recited prayers for the first time in my life. I did this at the Chabad Center in New York, after an...

An Examined Life

I woke up this morning to a blurry-eyed view of my world. A still life on my nightstand, with a glass of water, half full. An optimistic, first-thing-in-the-morning meditation: