Priscilla Warner

Priscilla Warner is the New York Times best-selling author of Learning to Breathe – A Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life, and co-author of The Faith Club – A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew – Three Women Search for Understanding

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Learning to Breathe

After suffering from debilitating panic attacks for decades, Priscilla Warner learned about a group of Tibetan monks who meditated so successfully that neuroscientists were studying their brains. “I want the brain of a monk!” she decided. “And I want everything that goes along with that brain – like peace and tranquility, compassion and lovingkindness.”  In order to write Learning to Breathe, Priscilla researched powerful therapists and teachers, then outlined her own path to healing.“Forget Physician Heal Thyself,” she wrote.“My new mantra will be “Neurotic heal thyself…and please stop complaining!” 

Priscilla learned how to meditate and developed a daily practice. She also tried spiritual chanting, meditative painting, immersion in a Jewish ritual bath, and luxurious Ayurvedic oil treatments. She encountered mystical rabbis who taught her Kabbalistic lessons, and attended silent retreats with compassionate Buddhist mentors. After calming down long enough to examine her colorful, sometimes frightening family history in a new light, Priscilla ultimately made peace with her past. And she received corroboration that she’d healed from a neuroscientist who scanned her brain for signs of progress and change.

Written with Priscilla’s lovely wit and humor, Learning to Breathe is a serious attempt to heal from a painful condition, and an inspiring guidebook for people similarly adrift or secretly fearful, facing daily challenges large and small, and longing for a sense of peace, self-acceptance and understanding.

Priscilla Warner’s search for inner peace will resonate with anyone who has ever been anxious or at sea

Wise, searching, fearless, and big-hearted, Priscilla Warner’s search for inner peace will resonate with anyone who has ever been anxious or at sea—in other words, all of us. She is a comforting and stabilizing guide through her own life—and ours. This book is a gift.

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Author of Hourglass – Time, Memory, Marriage